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Georgia Court Records are a gathering of all of the records a court retains from criminal and civil proceedings that can outline what happened in the courtroom during a court session proceedings. All of the Georgia court actions are logged, and a record of all things that happened is maintained. Involving people affected, charges, and conclusions made, all of which are placed in permanent records.

Georgia Statewide Court Record Tools.

Georgia Supreme Court
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Georgia Court of Appeals
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Superior (Court Records Categories – Felony, Misdemeanor (if no State Court) Civil, Juvenile, Domestic Relations, Estate)
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State (Court Records Categories – Misdemeanor, Civil, Small Claims, Eviction, DWI/DUI, Traffic)
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Magistrate (Court Records Categories – Misdemeanor, Civil Actions Under $15,000, Local Infractions, Traffic)
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Probate (Court Records Categories – Probate, Estate, Certain Vital Records)
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Municipal (Court Records Categories – Local)
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Juvenile (Court Records Categories – Juvenile)
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Are Georgia Court Records Open To The Public?

Generally, all documents recorded with Georgia courts are publicly available. This is irrespective of if it’s a document about evictions, criminal offenses, or sex offenders. Any legal issue is recorded, and in many cases, it will be open to the general public. But, there are some situations where the reports are kept private. A partaker in a legal action may request the court to “seal” a legal document. Signifying the information in the file can’t be part of the public record. A good case will have to be in place for a judge to seal a record.

What Is A Clerk Of Courts?

A Clerk of Courts is the individual or facility that is charged with preserving court records. This job is fundamental for both the court system and the general public. Helping make admission to Georgia court records and archival records easier and also organized.

How To Look Up Court Records In Georgia?

Numerous states and counties including Georgia provide connectivity to court records using web-based entryways. This accessibility could be restricted to court docket explorations, and the extent of court information attainable on the web will generally hinge on the county. The state and county you are considering to find documents can fluctuate from one area to another. To start, it’s ideal for identifying if the government has a statewide portal and work your way from there to county courts.

How To Get Court Records Online For Free In Georgia?

As long as the file is a matter of Georgia public record, it’s likely obtainable on the internet, dependent on the state holding the record. Cost-free court records offered from federal, state, and local courts will supply variable information. You can learn more about convictions, arrests, civil cases, and more. And a lot of this information is freely available utilizing government agency databases.

Criminal vs Civil Court Records in Georgia.

Civil cases essentially entail personal disputes between individuals, institutions, or a mix of both. Criminal cases focus on people who have broken the law, and the government itself is after them. Georgia criminal law and civil law are quite different and work with special courts, yet it is not unusual for the two sometimes to cross over.