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A public, official record known as an inmate record contains details about a prisoner or jail inmate in Muscogee County GA. Name, birthdate, race, gender, and age of the prisoner are all listed. The offense, sentence term, and release date of the inmate are all listed in the record.

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Muscogee County Resources

Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO Inmate Search)
100 E 10th St #4, Columbus, GA 31901
(706) 653-4225
Jail Inmate Search
Open Records Request
Jail Info

Superior Court (Felony, Juvenile)
100 10th St, 2nd Fl Columbus, GA 31902
On Site Look Up – Yes

State Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
100 10th St, 2nd Fl Columbus, GA 31902
On Site Look Up – Yes

Magistrate Court (Town Ordinances)
100 10th St Government Ctr, 8th Fl of the Tower Columbus, GA 31902

Muscogee County Jail
700 10th St, Columbus, GA 31901

Muscogee County State Prison
7175 Sacerdote Ln, Columbus, GA 31908

GDC – Rutledge State Prison
7175 Manor Rd, Columbus, GA 31908

GDC – Columbus Transitional Center
3900 Schatugla Rd, Columbus, GA 31907

Muscogee Youth Development Campus (YDC)
7700-A Chattsworth Road, Midland, GA 31820

Aaron Cohn Regional Youth Detention Center (RYDC)
7700 Chattsworth Road, Midland, GA 31820

Muscogee County Jail Inmate Search Online

The best place to look for inmate records is online. Numerous websites provide searchable databases with details about inmates housed in American correctional facilities.
Type “Muscogee County inmate search” or “prisoner search” into your favorite search engine to locate official websites. You must provide some identifying information about the inmate you are looking for after finding a website that offers inmate searches.

Georgia State Prison VS Muscogee County Jail

Have you ever wondered what makes a county jail different from a state prison? Simply put, Muscogee County jails are for individuals awaiting trial or who have received a sentence for less serious acts, whereas prisons are only for those who have been legally found guilty of serious crimes.
There are other critical differences between them. One is that Georgia prison populations are often larger when compared to those in jail. Because prisons can hold inmates longer than jails, jails only allow inmates to be there for a few days or weeks.

Georgia Prison Inmate Search

There are a few resources available to determine whether someone is incarcerated in a Georgia prison. The first step is to see what the state DOC has or utilize an online database portal, such as the inmate locator provided by the federal prison bureau.

Muscogee County Jail Inmate Search

You can use a few resources to locate an inmate at a Muscogee County jail, including the county website, direct phone calls to the jail, and third-party services.
Each option comes with its pros and cons. On their websites, many counties include an inmate search feature. Finding an inmate using their booking number or name is simple and quick with these databases.

Muscogee County Jail Mugshots

You can view an inmate’s mugshot in Muscogee County GA in a variety of ways. One choice is to look up the inmate’s name in the county jail’s internet database. Additionally, private companies offer the option of conducting a mugshot search online.

Muscogee County Jail Log

If you are looking for a Muscogee County jail log, the best place to start is online. Typically, jail logs can be found on the sheriff’s office or local police department websites. Call the sheriff’s office or police station and ask for the jail log if you can’t find it online.

Muscogee County Jail Roster

To see a copy of the Muscogee County jail roster, contact the local sheriff’s office or the county clerk’s office.