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Property records in Georgia are legal papers or documents with crucial information concerning land or property. Typically, the term “property records” is also used to refer to a land deed, which is an indicator of the individual possessing the property.

Property records are held at the recorder of deeds office. The department is responsible for retaining information relating to all transfers and essential documents associated with real estate in a particular region.

Georgia Superior Court Clerk’s Cooperative Authority (GSCCCA) (Recorded Documents)
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Georgia County Tax Assessor (Portal to Assessment, Parcel, Tax & GIS Data for Georgia Counties)
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Georgia GIS for the web
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Most Populous Countries.

Fulton County Background Check: Top City Atlanta
Recorder’s Office Records: Fulton county provides a eservices platform to search real estate and judicial records online at
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Gwinnett County Public Records: Top City Lawrenceville
Property Records: Geographic Information Systems Data at

Cobb County Background Check: Top City Marietta
Recorder’s Office Records: Real property records at
Property Records:

DeKalb County Public Records: Top City Decatur
Property Records:

Chatham County Background Check: Top City Savannah
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Georgia Property Tax Records

Tax records in Georgia are vital information for the local government because the taxes gathered from land and buildings, and other properties are the key income sources. Real estate taxes are a levy weighed on the land, buildings, vehicles, and other property pieces purchased by people in a specific area of the country. To guarantee the regional government’s property taxes are appropriately assessed, the county government is continually examining and looking into its residential or commercial properties’ market value. The information held by the local tax collection office provides details of paid out and delinquent bills and the full name and address of every single legal house owner.

Are Georgia Real Estate Records Public Records

Each town has a bureau or department where individuals may look for information on Georgia residential or commercial property. The files are commonly kept at the city hall, the county’s courthouse, or the county recorder’s office.

Most public county offices have highly-qualified and knowledgeable employees in residential or commercial property matters. They will be able to assist you with whatever matter you have a question about.

For example, you can confirm at the federal court if a house owner is involved in litigation or has applied for bankruptcy.

How To Find Out Who Owns A Property In Georgia (By Name And By Address)

Technology has made way for massive transformation in the way people search for things. Both Georgia public and private databases have more and more solutions. Nowadays, most counties will provide an online database that can be searched by address or name.

Free Georgia Property Owner Search

In the 21st-century, the internet has made it more convenient than ever to acquire the information needed about Georgia residential or commercial property and its tax records via online storage systems of tax records kept by community governments.

What is Georgia GIS Search?

GIS stands for Geographical Information Systems. It’s a way to search Georgia property records working with maps and data. GIS is a process wherein software and data produce a visual map.