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Georgia Warrant Search Search (Bench and Arrest)

An arrest warrant is issued anytime there is a probable reason to presume an individual is guilty of committing a crime. The arrest warrant is an affidavit executed by a judge with information such as the arrestee’s full name, residence, and additional distinguishing information, along with the kind of crime they’re being arrested for. A judge or a magistrate must execute an arrest warrant in Georgia. After the judge signs an arrest warrant, the law enforcement may take the individual into custody.

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What Is A Georgia Bench Warrant?

A judge signs a bench warrant when someone goes against the policies of the court. This can be anything from not appearing for a court date to not following a judge’s demands. Most Georgia bench warrants are given when an individual fails to appear for their court appearance. The moment the bench order is produced, it’s treated like other warrants. Law enforcement is allowed to bring the offender to show up in front of the judge.

How to Find Out If You Have a Warrant in Georgia?

There are plenty of strategies to find out if you have an active Georgia warrant:

  • Work with the county court and sheriff department documents. Generally, in most more substantially populated counties, details like this are accessible online. Smaller counties may not work with web-based tools but, alternatively, necessitate a phone call to learn about a warrant standing.
  • Talk to a federal court in your community if you feel you have a federal warrant.
  • Bail bondsmen can usually access county directories that have specifics of active arrest warrants in Georgia.
  • Call a law enforcement station to confirm for active arrest warrants. If you like, ask a buddy or relative to telephone on your behalf.
  • A Georgia legal professional can access a lot of directories inside the law enforcement system. Retain a lawyer’s services at your own expenditure, and you’re sure to get the information you need.

What To Do If You Have An Outstanding Warrant In Georgia.

In case you have a Georgia warrant out in your name, you mustn’t attempt to make a run for it. Primary transit hubs will have already been alerted to prevent you from leaving the country; therefore, it best not to even try it.

  • Resist the temptation to show up at a police headquarters and give yourself up.
  • The warrant is not going to pass; therefore, it is best not to ignore it. Remember that there is no expiration time for an arrest warrant.
  • Do not overreact. Having a Georgia arrest warrant does not necessarily signify you are going to be transported off to jail. Perhaps it’s possible that you merely need to pay a fine.
  • Furthermore, a legal representative might see that you don’t need to surrender and get a quick arraignment, which will help reduce how long you spend in jail. In other words, a lawyer knows the nuances of the legal circumstance you’re in.