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Atlanta Background Check

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Atlanta background record checks are an essential part of many areas of our life. No matter the background check form, you should at least look into police arrests, criminal history, court history, and sex offender records. Criminal background search centers solely on criminal history. But there are many different records types to consider depending on why the check is done.

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Atlanta Background Check Resources.

Superior Court – Civil (Civil Over $15,000)
136 Pryor St SW File Room, Suite TG-13 Atlanta, GA 30303
Web –
On Site Look Up – Yes

Superior Court – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor)
136 Pryor St SW, Rm 106 Atlanta, GA 30303
Web –
On Site Look Up – Yes

Atlanta Police Department
215 Lakewood Way SW, Atlanta, GA 30315
(404) 546-6900
Central Records Unit – Link
Criminal Background Checks and Fingerprinting – Link
Open Records Request – Link

  • 911 Recording
  • Incident Report(s)
  • Accident Report(s)
  • Calls for Service List
  • CAD Report
  • Crime Statistics
  • Photographs
  • Bodycam video
  • Traffic Camera Video
  • License and Permits

Atlanta Criminal Background Checks And Screenings

Atlanta criminal history is essential to a background check. Criminal records can be found at the county, state, and federal levels.

Jail and Prison Search Solutions

Following an arrest in Atlanta, the suspects are brought to the police station in the jurisdiction of their police arrest. Here, suspects will go through the booking procedure, have an arraignment, and post bail. Typically, the booking process is the same in nearly all jurisdictions.

Free Atlanta Background Check

The public can do background checks 100% free, but it’s going to be time-consuming. It usually entails administering Atlanta public record information and court public records state by state and doing some google lookups.

Atlanta Police and Sheriff Solutions For Background Verifying

Police records are generally public records since tax funds fund law enforcement. Exceptions to the rule include those reports that include juveniles, current investigations, data records that involve sensitive personal information, and data like healthcare records, social security numbers, or info about victims of sexual or domestic abuse. Police arrest reports, like mugshots, are getting more complicated to access by the public since a few jurisdictions consider them private details that should not be released except if a conviction has occurred. Individuals who have had insignificant prosecutions closed or expunged may also try to have police arrest information suppressed.

Incident records are easier to access by the public because they are regarded as the official record and are generally essential for health care coverage and insurance claims. Incident reports explain how altercations have occurred, like auto accidents, assaults, break-ins, larceny, as well as other police-involved circumstances.

Federal vs. Nationwide vs. Localized Atlanta Background Checks

National Criminal Database Package
National criminal database research.

Georgia Statewide Search
State investigation to find details in one or even more counties within a state.

Single County Or Atlanta
A county-level analysis is carried out manually via electronic accessibility or perhaps getting physical courthouse files.

Federal Criminal
Research for federal offenses typically doesn’t appear in the county, state, or even national criminal inspections.