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A background check in Georgia entails inquiring in a person’s public record and professional background. A background check’s primary purpose is to check and verify an individual’s identity and character; a typical background check consists of civil reports, schooling, criminal records, occupation history, referrals, and other variables. The exact records looked at will be dependent on why the check is done.

Generally, there is no one size fits all background check; thus, see to it that the analysis purely prioritizes your needs, reasons for the probe, and your areas of concern.

Regardless of your justification for performing a background check on an individual, its key benefit is that it reassures concerned parties involved.

Georgia Statewide Background Check Tools.

Georgia Felon Search (Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) database)
Web –
Info – There is a charge of $15 for each search (Felony conviction records only no misdemeanors)

Civil and Criminal eFiling Court Documents All Across Georgia
Web –

Find an Offender (GDC Georgia Department of Corrections)
Web –

Georgia Sex Offender Registry
Web –

Business Name Lookup
Web –

Check License Status
Web –

Real Estate and Lien Index
Web –

Assessment, Parcel, Tax & GIS Data
Web –

Official Records at the County and City Level.

How Long Does A Background Check Take In Georgia?

How long a background check takes will hinge on the extent of the analysis. For instance, if it is a quick online background check, you can immediately get your results in minutes. However, there are situations in which an inquiry can require several weeks to come up with results.

A Georgia background check that needs detailed court records may require longer to accomplish if court personnel is necessary to assist. Alternatively, researching criminal records online may be done almost immediately.

There are various kinds of examinations you can conduct for background checks. Each search necessitates a different method, activities, and reference or resources; thus, some inquiries take much longer.

How To Do A Background Check?

It pretty easy to perform a background check in today’s digital age. Right now, there are a large number of references and webpages that you may work with. In most areas, you can access background information and history of an individual at the county and state levels.

In case you’re not sure what you should start with, you can call your local police department and ask for directions. With that said, you will need to hand in a formal request, possibly on the web or simply by stopping by their agency.

If the local Georgia department cant help, you may seek a private investigator or an online background check organization.

What Shows Up On A Background Check In Georgia?

Suppose you complete a simple background check on another person. In that case, you aim to come across their information, such as place of residence details, criminal records, motor vehicle inquiries, and so forth.

For example, a background check focusing on Georgia criminal records using provincial, national, and state records can reveal warrants, a judgment of convictions, prison and jail records, felony/misdemeanors, arrests, and sex offenses.

Way To Do A Background Check On Someone?

To administer a background check on another individual, you need to have their name to start. It is essential to consider the legal ramifications of facilitating a check without the individual’s authorization. There are specific statutes for tenant screenings and employment checks. These kinds of rules do not apply when conducting a check on an individual for personal reasons.

How To Do A Georgia Background Check On Yourself?

If you like to know what information dwells in your criminal background and whether it’s correct, you can conduct a background check on yourself. You can hire a service provider to carry out the investigation for you or order the criminal records checks from your state police department. Yet another solution is to request a background check via an online background check service.

Cost Of A Background Check.

A background check performed by a private investigator or other companies that offer the service will fluctuate in cost by the organization’s cost schedule. In most cases, the price of internet-based background checks is based on the number of searches administered in the course of a specific time. Some services might offer a one-time search or a distinct volume of searches within a designated timeframe.

Getting A Georgia Criminal Background Check?.

These days, much of the information regarding local Georgia arrest records and incarcerations are public record. Supposing that you know the district of where an occurrence transpired, anyone may get files to check at the local police department or sheriff’s office. Anyone can also facilitate a records check at the city or county court clerk’s department in Georgia. To get a state or countrywide inspection, you can submit the application with the local jurisdiction or directly to the state agency or Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Fbi Background Checks in GA.

Commissioned participating law enforcement agencies submit fingerprints of arrested men or women and their charges to the FBI. An FBI background check has certain information derived from fingerprint entries. The results of the records check can reveal if a criminal history exists for the individual. Some describe this kind of record checks as a rap sheet.

Fingerprint Based Background Check.

This is a background check solution using fingerprints. It will assess a person’s fingerprints who may have a record inside state and federal data banks. These inspections explore criminal records linked to the persons fingerprints. These types of examinations primarily look for data of criminal records and can be dependent on because of the uniqueness of each person’s fingerprints.