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An official record in Atlanta GA of a prisoner or jail inmate contains details about that person. The record contains the inmate’s name, birthdate, race, offense, sentence length, and date of release.

Atlanta Resources

Atlanta Police Department (APD Inmate Search)
215 Lakewood Way SW, Atlanta, GA 30315
(404) 546-6900
Central Records Unit
Open Records Request

Fulton County Sheriff’s Office
185 Central Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 612-5101
Inmate Search Database
Open Records Request

Superior Court – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor)
136 Pryor St SW, Rm 106 Atlanta, GA 30303
On Site Look Up – Yes

State Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
160 Pryor St SW, Ste J-150 Atlanta, GA 30303
On Site Look Up – Yes

Fulton County Jail (FCJ)
901 Rice St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

GDC – Atlanta Transitional Center
332 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

GDC – Helms Transitional Center
1275 Constitution Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Atlanta City Detention Center (ICE)
254 Peachtree St, Southwest Atlanta, GA 30303

USP Atlanta
601 McDonough Blvd SE, Atlanta, GA 30315

Metro Regional Youth Detention Center (RYDC)
1300 Constitution Road SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Atlanta Inmate Search Online

Inmate records that are accessible to the general public are public records. Finding the jurisdiction where a inmate was housed is the first step. You need to find the official inmate database once you know the jurisdiction. The sheriff’s office often provides an Atlanta inmate search database on the internet.

Georgia State Prison VS County Jail

Between jails and prisons, there are some significant distinctions. The majority of Georgia prisons are bigger buildings where criminals with more severe criminal records can be housed. Atlanta jails, on the other hand, are smaller settings where offenders with less serious offenses or those who are awaiting trial are housed. Compared to jails, prisons typically hold inmates for longer periods of time.

Georgia Prison Inmate Search

You must get in touch with the state department of prisons in order to locate an inmate in a state prison. Both the federal inmate website and the Georgia DOC have databases of prisoners.
After locating the appropriate website, you need to enter the inmate’s name and birthday. You will receive a list of every prisoner housed in the state or federal prison system. When you locate the inmate profile, click on it to access more details.

Atlanta Jail Inmate Search

A Atlanta jail inmate can be located in a number of ways. You have the choice of contacting the courts or the jail directly. To conduct this search online, both usually have a local internet database.

Atlanta Mugshots

Atlanta mugshots are available on a variety of websites. Usually, when someone is arrested and booked into jail, these images are taken. Mugshots are accessible on private websites, but they are also accessible on official websites.

Atlanta Jail Log

The county sheriff’s offices provide Atlanta jail logs for public access. Some counties will demand that you use the Freedom of Information Act to request these records.
All of the inmates who have been booked into the county jail in the last 24 hours are listed in the jail logs. The detainee’s name, booking number, date of birth, race, criminal charges, and other information may be found in jail logs.

Atlanta Jail Roster

A Atlanta jail roster is a list of everyone who is currently arrested or incarcerated. This list, which is often public information, can be used to find someone who has been detained.