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A DeKalb County warrant is an order that enables the seizure of property, the arrest of a person, or any other legal action authorized by a court or another competent authority.

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Resources for DeKalb County, Georgia.

DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO Warrant Search)
4415 Memorial Dr, Decatur, GA 30032
Phone: (404) 298-8111
Court Criminal Warrant Division

Atlanta Police Department
215 Lakewood Way SW, Atlanta, GA 30315
Phone: (404) 546-6900
Warrant Department (404) 658-6959 or (404) 546-0311
Court Search Online
Most Wanted

Superior Court (Felony, Juvenile)
556 N McDonough St Decatur, GA 30030
Criminal and Civil – Web
On Site Look Up – Yes

State Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
556 N McDonough St Courthouse, 2nd Fl, #210 Decatur, GA 30030
On Site Look Up – Yes

Magistrate Court (Ordinances)
556 N McDonough St, Rm 230 Courthouse Decatur, GA 30030

Stonecrest City Hall
3120 Stonecrest Blvd. Suite 190 Stonecrest, GA 30038
Phone: 770-224-0200

Brookhaven Police Department
2665 Buford Highway Brookhaven, GA 30324
Phone: (404) 637-0600

Dunwoody Police Department
4800 Ashford Dunwoody Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338
Phone: (678) 382-6900
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Doing A DeKalb County Warrant Search

There are several methods for doing a DeKalb County warrant search. You can begin by contacting your local law enforcement department to determine whether there are any outstanding warrants for an arrest.
A public records search is another possibility. You can look up court records in the county where you live or look up private databases online.
Although they are not always available, warrants can be found in state databases.
You can also consider employing a private investigator specializing in warrant searches.

Court Records Access

You should contact the judicial system if you believe you have an arrest warrant. Request a search of court documents from the clerk of the court in your county. If a warrant exists, it will be recorded with a DeKalb County court.

DeKalb County Sheriff's Office Warrant Search

Your local DeKalb County police agency is the best place to start your search for a warrant. Many police departments have internet databases to help you find warrants.
Whatever approach you choose, make sure you have as much information as possible on the individual you’re looking for to increase your chances of obtaining warrant information.

DeKalb County Bench Warrants

A bench warrant in DeKalb County GA is a court order requiring a person to appear in court. The judge administers a bench warrant when a person fails to appear for a court date.

List Of DeKalb County's Issued Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant authorizes the police to arrest someone accused of committing a crime. DeKalb County arrest warrants can be obtained for common offenses such as burglary, robbery, and assault.

For the Arrest of Fugitives: Warrant

A fugitive warrant allows for the extradition of a person who has escaped from one county to another.
Extradition is the repatriation of an accused individual to the arresting jurisdiction. This is frequently done when a person flees the first jurisdiction to avoid criminal prosecution or to serve a sentence.

Order to Search

A search warrant is a court order that permits DeKalb County law enforcement to search a person or property. When there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a crime has been committed, a search warrant may be granted.

Free Warrant Lookup for DeKalb County, Georgia

Contact the county clerk who issued the warrant. They may be able to provide you with information about outstanding warrants for free. You can also contact your local police department to check for any outstanding arrest warrants.