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Records on detainees are made while in custody and are referred to as Savannah inmate records. These records might contain details about the offender’s name, offense, sentencing, and any disciplinary proceedings they underwent while incarcerated. Inmate records are useful for researchers and the public.

Savannah Resources

Savannah Police Department (SPD Inmate Search)
201 Habersham St, Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 351-3400
Police Report Retrieval

Chatham County Sheriff’s Office
1050 Carl Griffin Dr, Savannah, GA 31405
(912) 652-7600
Jail Bookings
Corrections Bureau

Superior Court (Felony, Juvenile)
133 Montgomery St, #304 Savannah, GA 31401
On Site Look Up – Yes

State Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
133 Montgomery St, #501 Savannah, GA 31401
On Site Look Up – Yes

Magistrate Court (Ordinances)
133 Montgomery St, Rm 303 Savannah, GA 31401

Chatham County Detention Center
1050 Carl Griffin Drive, Savannah, GA 31405

GDC – Coastal Transitional Center
309 Styles Ave, Savannah, GA 31415

Savannah Regional Youth Detention Center (RYDC)
191 Carl Griffin Drive, Savannah, GA 31405-1362

Savannah Inmate Search Online

Inmate information can be found online in a variety of ways when doing a Savannah inmate search. By identifying the most effective databases, you can locate this information on a government website. You can search on these websites using a person’s name, birthdate, and other details.
Another option is to look for inmate information on a private website that specializes in this kind of investigation.

Georgia State Prison VS County Jail

Jails and prisons are dissimilar in many respects. First, the local police or sheriff’s departments are in charge of the jails. Georgia prisons are run by federal or state organizations. Savannah jail inmates often spend less time in custody than prisoners, whether it’s inmates waiting for trial or serving light terms.

Georgia Prison Inmate Search

It can be difficult to locate a prisoner in a Georgia state prison. The method used to look up prisoners varies by state. Start searching the websites of federal prisons and your state’s department of corrections. These websites frequently provide an inmate search feature that allows visitors to look up a criminal by name or inmate number.

Savannah Jail Inmate Search

You’ll learn a few ways to locate someone who is incarcerated in Savannah. For information about a jail inmate, get in touch with the jail directly or use a website inmate search tool in their website.

Savannah Mugshots

Public records include mugshots in Savannah, and the general public can easily access them. Depending on the location where the mugshots were taken, there can be exceptions to this law. For instance, some governments may limit the public’s access to pictures of young offenders.

Savannah Jail Log

The best place to start your search for folks who might be in jail is the Savannah jail log. This log lists every person that was incarcerated in the county jail over the previous 24 hours. It is typically open to the public. In most circumstances, you may find this information online or at the county sheriff’s office.

Savannah Jail Roster

If you wish to find an inmate, you can look at the Savannah jail roster for the facility where they are being kept. The jail roster can be seen on the websites of the sheriff’s or the detention facility. It is merely a list of every inmate housed there.