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A Savannah warrant is a legal document that authorizes law enforcement authorities to conduct searches and arrests on people or property.
Arrest warrants allow for the arrest of criminal suspects, while search warrants allow for the search of residences and businesses for evidence.
These warrants must include precise information about the person or property searched or seized and probable cause. A court will issue a warrant based on probable cause. Probable cause is a standard legal test.

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Chatham County Warrant Search

Resources for Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah Police Department (SPD Warrant Search)
201 Habersham St, Savannah, GA 31401
Phone: (912) 651-6675

Chatham County Sheriff’s Office
1050 Carl Griffin Dr, Savannah, GA 31405
Phone: (912) 652-7600
Most Wanted

Superior Court (Felony, Juvenile)
133 Montgomery St, #304 Savannah, GA 31401
On Site Look Up – Yes

State Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
133 Montgomery St, #501 Savannah, GA 31401
On Site Look Up – Yes

Magistrate Court (Ordinances)
133 Montgomery St, Rm 303 Savannah, GA 31401

Doing A Savannah Warrant Search

Unfortunately, there is no central database where all warrant information can be found when doing a Savannah warrant search.
However, you can look for public warrant records on your local sheriff’s or court’s website.
You can also find warrant information online through the portals of some private companies.

Court Records Access

Check the Savannah court system’s online database to determine if an arrest warrant has been issued.
To do so, you must first determine the county in which the warrant was issued. Once you have this information, you can look up warrants online, and these databases are frequently free.

Savannah Sheriff's Office Warrant Search

There are various ways to determine if you have a warrant for your arrest. First, call the police station where you believe the warrant was issued. Another alternative is to go to your local courthouse and talk to the clerk.

Savannah Bench Warrants

A Savannah bench warrant is issued by a judge or by a court. The judge or court’s authority to issue the warrant from the seat of justice or bench is referred to as the bench. It typically issued if a person fails to appear in court.

List Of Savannah's Issued Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant is a court order that allows law enforcement to arrest someone charged with a crime in Savannah. They can be issued for a variety of offenses, including but not limited to burglary, theft, assault, violence, and kidnapping.

For the Arrest of Fugitives: Warrant

A fugitive warrant may be issued if a defendant is convicted in one area but flees to another.
Extradition is the formal process of returning a person charged with a crime to the jurisdiction where they were charged.

Order to Search

A judge may issue a search warrant in Savannah GA if there is reasonable cause to suspect a crime happened and evidence of that crime is likely in a specific location.
This test is used by courts to decide whether there is enough evidence to warrant the issuance of search warrants.

Free Warrant Lookup for Savannah, Georgia

A local Savannah law enforcement agency or court may be able to assist you in determining whether there’s a warrant for free.